Morph In Or Morph Out? – Visual Companion: Mighty Morphin’ S1E1 – ‘Day Of The Dumpster’

Netflix Synopsis: Five average teens are chosen by an intergalactic wizard to become the Power Rangers, who must use their new powers to fight the evil Rita Repulsa.

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Rita Repulsa

5 seconds in, and we’re shown a gang of what looks like Yu-Gi-Oh! card monster cosplayers in a desert. One is an “old Asian lady” (Rita Repulsa) and she’s screaming stuff.


Rita's gang

SO MUCH IS GOING ON ALREADY. And we’re still only in the title sequence.


Alpha 5 and Zordon

Next, we’re taken to a sandy castle where a robot is talking to the Wizard of Oz…

… and finally, the opening credits start! Notice how each Ranger is subtly assigned a colour to match and accentuate their racial and gender identities. Diversity by numbers, kids. (Side note: Bulk and Skull shown at the height of their badass-ness having a delightful day out with some candy floss. Adorbs.)


Lost astronauts

In this alternative version of the 1990s, any bozo could just become any astronaut and waltz around the nearest planet. Just remember to put the word “space” in front of any alien object you come across and you’re a bonefide pro!


Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar

Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar: Think ‘The Bronze’ meets… er, a gym I guess. But with no coffee. Or sexy vampires. Actually, it’s nothing like ‘The Bronze’.


Old man Billy

Billy rocks up looking like every undercover adult in a high school story ever. Think Drew Barrymore in ‘Never Been Kissed‘ or Steve Buschemi in ‘30 Rock‘.


Bulk & Skull

Bulk and Skull rock up and take off their shades in PRACTISED unison. Skull is wearing a bike chain around his neck AND a bandana. Then he does a serial killer laugh whilst trying to ask out one of the Ranger girls.



Trini flips Bulk



The cyber peacock

Rita lives in a cyber peacock. Seems weirdly appropriate.


Rita's telescope? Magnifying glass?

Has Rita been looking through a magnifying glass at another planet? WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS?!


Jason shows Billy some moves

Old man Billy get’s schooled by teenage Jason and that must be kind of embarrassing for a man of his age. Even worse is when Jason patronises Billy for memorising like three words: “You learnt that very quickly Billy.” I mean Billy isn’t wearing those nerd glasses for nothing. [FAN THEORY: Jason is Billy’s estranged son and he’s gone undercover to try and get to know him as a friend, only to reveal later on that’s he’s his father. Tears. Hugs. End.]

Bulk and Skull get involved in the karate class

Props to Bulk and Skull for wearing their bad boy clothes over their karate outfits. Real commitment to the bad boi lifestyle. (Also, where did Skull get that bowler hat from on such short notice?)


Spinach smoothie?

Later at the juice bar everyone’s patronising Billy (again) and lying to him about martial arts not being a physical thing. Ernie (the man, the legend!) brings them a disgusting spinach-based drink.


Ernie chucks the smoothies around

Then an earthquake hits and Ernie tells everyone to “stay calm” whilst throwing drinks in their faces.


It's teleporting time!

“Something tells me this is no earthquake.” (Um, what tells you that exactly…?)


Kimberley works out that this isn't the mall.

Kimberley cleverly deduces that she’s not in the mall.


Zordon gives us some lengthy explanation

It’s exposition time from Zordon! He’s caught in an “inter-dimensional time warp”! Queue obligatory ‘Rock Horror‘ music now!


Rita through the viewing globe

“TO THE VIEWING GLOBE.” TL:DR, Rita Repulsa is an intergalactic sorceress bent on controlling the universe. Yada yada yada…


Putty/Pussy Patrollers

Her grunts are the Blue Man group in morph suits, otherwise known as ‘Putty Patrollers.’


Pussy Patrol Inbetweeners Movie

Just gonna leave this here.


The Power Morphers

Morpher belts! Sweet.


DINOZORDS! Some of which are not strictly-speaking dinosaurs, but I guess we’ll make do. Also, what is the “power of a dinosaur” anyway? Having tiny arms? Attacking Jeff Goldblum? Going all extinct like a total loser species?


Zack has questions

Zack: “This is just too weird for me.” We feel you, Zack.


Jason stares longingly into Zordon's eyes

Zack does the smart thing and leaves and everyone follows suit including Jason, but not before staring longingly into Zordon’s eyes…


Alpha 5

Side note: Alpha 5 is basically one of the aliens from the Cadbury ‘Smash’ adverts. Just watch the video below if you don’t believe me.



The putty molds

So, the Putty Patrol are literally made of putty… I don’t know why that’s surprising.



Steam powered putties

And they’re animated by steam power? Okay, now I give up.


WTF are they?

Cut back to the kids who are walking all the way home from the middle of fucking nowhere. Zack is still the only voice of reason: “Guys, we were talking to a giant head!”


The putties harass Kimberley

OH SHIT HERE COME DAT PUTTY. What’s all the more terrifying is that they make noises that sound eerily similar to another creepy children’s TV character of the 1990s: Mr. Blobby. British children of the 90s still cower in fear every time they hear his confusing screams of his own name – like a demented Pokemon that just can’t take it anymore. Just watch the video below for further proof.




Oh no! It’s… Gonzo? Gaydar? Goldar!



Up close and personal with Rita's henchmen



Here comes Rita's staff

Rita screams an innuendo: ‘Magic wand make my Goldar grow!’


Fighting mode

It’s motherfucking Megazord time, bitches!


Kimberley: "Cool stereo!"

Kimberley: “Nice stereo!”


Rangers at the control panel

Who’s controlling this thing? No, seriously. How does it work?


The rangers back at HQ

The Rangers totally win, of course. Back at HQ, Zordon lays down ground rules like a boring adult: 1. Never use your powers for personal gain. 2. Never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you. 3. Keep your identities secret.


Zack is cautious

Again, Zack is the sole voice of reason: “I’m not sure we’re up to it, I mean, we were pretty lucky this time.” Zordon assures him (unconvincingly) that it’s just the power of them working together, blah blah blah, and after stroking their egos, surprisingly, Jason is all in, and the others follow suit. Billy answers with an: “Affirmative!” with a dorky thumbs up. (BILLY = ADORABLE.)


Kimberley pulls off the 'NOT' joke seamlessly

Kimberly pretends to be a prissy bitch and everyone believes her because she is one, but then she delivers a quintessentially 90s “NOT!” gag. Oh, Kimberley!


Alpha 5 is broken by sarcasm

Alpha 5 literally can’t handle sarcasm.



Freeze frame ending


Next episode: ‘High Five.’


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