Morph In Or Morph Out? – Visual Companion: Mighty Morphin’ S1E3 – ‘Teamwork.’

Netflix Synopsis: Kimberly and Trini gather signatures to close down a nearby dump site while convincing their teammates to work together more.

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Angel Grove High School

This could be the title of any Power Rangers episode, tbh.

Trini with three pencils

Trini and Kimberley are trying to get people to sign a petition to close down a dump site. You can tell they mean business because Trini has THREE pencils.

Headteacher, Mr. Kaplan, looking sharp in a painted tie

Headmaster (Mr. Kaplan): “Is this dump really as bad as it sounds?” Kimberley: “Yah. I mean who can stand to pollute the earth like that?”

Mr. Kaplan is convinced.


The boys turn up and help by signing the girls’ petition, but when asked if they’ll come to the dump site with them after school they each offer an excuse to get out ot it. Zack’s is possibly the least plausible:


Bulk and Skull enter

True to form, Bulk enters the scene with a burp.

When did Axel Rose join the gang?

And this episode, he and Skull seemed to be joined by Axl Rose.

Bulk and Skull throw trash around

Bulk tips trash onto a passerby for the terrible crime of putting his litter in the bin.

Being gay is so gross

After Kimberley calls them out on their hooliganism, Bulk and Skull react by charging at her as usual. Kimberley easily dodges them, but their momentum propels them into hug… which they are – of course – grossed out by.

Bulk in the trash

Stumbling backwards, they both end up stuck in some bins, leaving Axl to try and pull them out.

Skull in the trash


Axel tries to help Bulk


Rita and the gang

Meanwhile, Rita has her sights set on the dump, which apparently is all part of her latest evil scheme to “destroy the whole planet.” I’m not sure Finster has been honest with her about the completion date on this one.


Hey, it’s our old pal, Goldar!

The dump

I think Kimberley said it best with, “Ew, gross!”

The putty patrol

The girls show up at the site to give their completly useless peteition to… I don’t know, the non-existant dump staff? And it’s not long before Rita sends some Putties down to fight them.


It’s always important to emphasise your karate moves with some well-placed karate-related sounds.

Karate yell


Zack teaches Alpha-5 some moves

Back at HQ… Wait, Zack really was telling the truth about those dance lessons? Okay, fair enough.

Minotaur figure

Rita’s latest monster to face off against the Rangers seems to be some kind of Cow Man..?

Minotaur come to life

Oh right, it’s a Minotaur.

Jason, Billy and Zack battle the mintaur

Zordon sends the boys down to deal with the Cow Ma-I mean, Minotaur, and they fail miserabely.

Double trouble

They even get rocks thrown at them by these two dicks.

The boys under a rockslide

“Hey! Quit it, already!”

Trini takes on Goldar

But whilst the boys struggle in a 3-on-1 fight against the Mintaur, Trini holds her own against Goldar by her goddamn self, thank you very much. #Feminism.

Big minotaur

Rita zaps the Minotaur all big and stuff (as per) and all the Rangers come together to take him on with their Zords.

Treceratops zord

The Zords seem to be sporting never-before-seen weapons too. Billy’s Triceratops has guns.

Sabretooth tiger zord

Trini’s Sabre-tooth Tiger has a fucking massive laser.

Mastodon zord

And Zack’s Mastodon can shoot… dry ice? Never mind, Zack, you’ve still got your sweet-ass dance moves to fall back on.

Billy hooks the minotaur

Despite all their best efforts – including Billy shooting his load – the Rangers can’t seem to take out the crafty Minotaur.

Zordon teleports the Rangers

Resulting in Zordon doing something totally unprecedented: teleporting them to HQ mid-battle.

Zordon: “The time has come to reveal the ancient secrets of the power weapons.”



Talking while teleporting?

The Rangers teleport back to the battle, and apparently can chit-chat even during teleportation?

The Power weapons combine

Jason brings all the Power weapons together proving that the golden rule of Power Rangers never fails: If thing can combine, they must and will.

The Power weapons combine

Jason: “If using our weapons doesn’t work, we’ll bring them together and give them a blast of our megapower!”

The mess left by Bulk and Skull

The Rangers head back to school (even though it’s clearly closed now) after opening a can of WHOOP-ASS successfully all over the minotaur, only to find Bulk and Skull’s mess from earlier is still there.

Mr. Kaplan tells the Rangers to clean up

Mr. Kaplan comes sniffing around again (he can sense troublesome teenagers from miles away) and orders them clean it all up.

The Rangers clean up super fast

Being goodie-two-shoes hero types, they dutifuly do in a Benny Hill-esque montage.


Strangely, Mr. Kaplan’s shocked reaction kind of implies their comedic high speed really did happen IRL. He makes a weird exhalation sounds like a deflating baloon and leaves.

Next episode: ‘A Pressing Engagement.’


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