Morph In Or Morph Out? – Visual Companion: Mighty Morpin’ S1E4 – ‘A Pressing Engagement.’


Netflix SynopsisJason battles King Sphinx while trying to break a bench press record at the Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar.

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What is this logo in the G&J bar?

In the first shot of this episode, we’re treated to this weird Bart Simpson wall art.

Jason benchpressing while Ernie eats a sandwich over him

Jason’s attempting to break the bench press record at the G&J bar. Ernie is supposed to be keeping count but he seems to be doing a better job of spitting food and shake all over him.

Ernie loses count

Ernie: “What number was I on again, Jas’? *spit spit cough cough splutter*”

Kimberley blows a big bubble

Kimberley starts distracting the audience with her impressive bubblegum skills (note how overly impressed the background actors are). Meanwhile, in the background, skater-boy Zack is busy skating around (FLAGRANTLY disregarding health & saftey rules) and inevitably collides with Kim…

…resulting in this moment of comedy gold:


Forget it, it's casual

Back at the G&J, Zack apologises to Kim for the whole bubblegum kerfuffle, eliciting this peice of 90s slang from her that clearly never caught on in quite the way the writers had hoped.

Bulk picks Jason up

Enter Bulk and Skull stage right. After mocking Jason for what was actually a great feat of strengh (900+ bench presses) and the shocking revelation that the current bench press record belongs to Bulk (??), the rotund bully gets all handsey with Jason – literally rocking him around like he’s trying to burp a baby.

Jason tickles Bulk

Jason returns to the babyish behaviour by tickling Bulk…

Jason stamps on Bulk's foot

…And then ramps things up by stamping on his foot.

Bulk's trousers rip

Bulk doubles up in pain, causing his trousers to rip and reveal his, um, ‘unsual’ underwear. Seriously, Bulk – why are there pig in jackets and ties surrounded by breifcases on your pants? Are they… Are they business pigs? WHAT DOES IT MEAN.

Skull doesn't help Bulk

Skull – as usual – does nothing to help the situation.

Bulk and Skull

“SOZ, M8.”

Ernie's shakes go to waste

The Rangers then get a call from Zordon and have to leave before drinking their shakes. Moneybags Zack tells Ernie to “put it on my tab.”

The children's theatre

Zordon sends Jason, Zack and Kim to battle King Sphinx and some Putties in a “children’s theatre in the park”, which turns out to be the most depressing place in Angel Grove.

The children's theatre

I mean just look at it. Why is that fancy chair there? What’s this creepy mural about?

The children's theatre

Just look at those terrifying chalk drawings! Would you send your kids to play here? No, don’t think so.

King Sphinx flaps his wings

It turns out that Sphinx has a trick up his, erm, armour shoulder pad. As he beats his wings, he can blow people away – literally. And while we’re on Sphinx, let’s just quickly discuss how he looks like how someone on heroin would see a cat if they were on a bad trip in the British Museusm.

Kimberley gets teleported

Kimberley, and then Zack, are teleported/blown all the way back to the G&J bar by his magic wings. I particuarly enjoy the MS Paint style graphics here.

Zack and Kimberley get blown back to the Gym and Juice bar

When I say the G&J bar, I specifically mean the balance beam. Impressive targeting skills for an ancient cat with wings.

Jason and King Sphinx face off

As per Rita’s plan, Jason is left alone to battle Sphinx. Don’t be fooled by this screencap though – things don’t end in kisses and cuddles.

Jason and King Sphinx teleport

As is often the case with PR battles, Jason and Sphinx are suddenly teleported to New Zealand… I mean, some desert outside of Angel Grove.

Goldar and King Sphinx get big

They’re soon joined by Goldar and go all big. Jason seems well and truly fucked.

A house?

We then cut to… Wait, where is this?

Billy and Trini's lab?

Is this a science lab? In a house? Why are Billy and Trini here? Is it their lab? Are they a two-person science club? How do they afford all this cool stuff? None of these burning Qs are answered in this ep, instead, Kim and Zack burst in to tell them Jason needs help.


Back at HQ, Zordon gives them some new weapons – the ‘Power Crystals.’

Zordon: “The crystals contain the essence of your morphing powers. Use them to find each other in any peril, and with your zords to draw power from the very heart of the morphing grid. I am sending the crystals directly to Jason. Once they are in his possession, you will be able to join him and stop King Sphinx and Goldar.


The crystals land

Zordon beams the crystals over to Jason’s location. It’s not really clear why Zordon couldn’t just teleport the other Rangers there normally as he never seemed to have any problems doing that before, but… whatevs, I guess. This seems cool.

Jason dodges fire

Jason shows off his dodging skills as he races over to the where the crystals landed. (AT LEAST SOMEONE KNOWS HOW TO ZIG-ZAG WHEN BEING FIRED AT, *cough cough* RICKON. #TheNorthRemembers.)

Zordon sends the crystals

The crystals now look like test tube shots of Sourz you can get at shitty clubs sometimes.

Jason gets the crystals

Jason seems to instinctively know exactly what they are and what do with them.

The Rangers morph from the crystals

The crystals ‘beam’ into the other Rangers, mid-run. Still ridiculous, but also still cool.

The Power Crystals

They call the Zords, form the Megazord, and inject some crystal power into it. Jason also sounds as illegible as ever: “NowYou’reGonnaSeeWhatFriendsWorkingTogetherCanDo!”

Megazord using crystal power

Kimberley: “Let’s jinx this Sphinx!”

King Sphinx and Goldar

Goldar and King Sphinx retaliate, and the fight seems evenly matched.

Megazord with the megasword

That is, until the Power Sword comes out. Say it with me now: ‘By the power of Greyskull…’

Megzord in battle

His royal Sphinx-iness is toast, but Goldar manages to get away.

Jason benchpressing with the team

Now that all that distracting Power Rangers business is out of the way, Jason goes back to concentrating on what really matters: Proving he’s better at bench pressing than an overweight, deliquant teenager. This time, the whole team is there to support him by keeping count and not spitting half-masicated food all over him. It’s a lot to ask for, I know, but that’s what friends are for I guess.

Ernie's Cake

He sets a new record, and Ernie wheels in a cake he had prepared to mark the occassion! Or, maybe he just stole it from the birthday party of a mother who will now be very disappointed on her special day.

Bulk and Skull

As soon as Bulk and Skull reappear, it’s pretty clear what’s going to happen next.

Bulk lands in the cake

Yep. That seems about right.


I don’t have a cake prepared for you I’m afraid, so intead, please accept this collection of expressions that Jason makes while bench pressing:

Next episode: ‘Different Drum.’







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