Morph In Or Morph Out? – Visual Companion: Mighty Morpin’ S1E5 – ‘Different Drum.’

Netflix synopsis: Kimberley’s deaf friend is the only hope to rescue a group of girls captured by the Gnarly Gnome and his hypnotic accordion.

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Kimberley's dance lesson

At the G&J Bar, Kimberley is leading a dancersize class. (Are these kids ever in school?) 

Ernie and Billy dancing

In the background, Billy, Ernie and a trolley of towels are getting involved too. Billy is of course an adorably clumsy dancer.

Trini and Jason arm wrestling

Meanwhile, Jason and Trini are arm-wrestling at the bar, and Trini is practically using Zack’s lap as a chair for some reason.

Trini and Zack close together

Seriously – this is too close for ‘just friends’, right? Or maybe this was totes normal in the swinging 90s.

Billy on the towel trolley

Well, what did you really expect? For Billy not to fall onto Ernie’s towel trolley and go flying around the gym like a man possessed whilst getting covered in sweaty discarded gym clothes? This is Power Rangers, guys. Come on.

Billy crashes into the wall

The end result of this cavalcade of slapstick is Billy slamming into the wall.

Kimberley gives Billy advice

But luckily for him, his good friend Kimberley is on hand straight away to give him a helping hand u- Oh wait, no. She actually just teases him and leaves him where he is like a terrible friend. “Billy, this is not the way to meet girls!”

Trini help Billy up

Trini, on the other hand, is a better friend, albeit not a very observant one: “What happened, Billy?” TRINI, YOU WERE RIGHT THERE THE WHOLE TIME.

Melissa bumps into another girl

Billy’s not the only who has trouble with co-ordination though. As Kim’s dancersize class continues, this clutzy broad knocks into the girl next to her – and get’s an earful for it. (Unintentional pun. You’ll see why in a second.)

Melissa signing

Oh no! Clutzy broad is actually deaf! And that hearing girl was actually a total bitch for yelling at her!

Kimberley signing

Huh, Kimberley knows sign language. Pretty cool. But she forgot to sign the moves as well as say them during the class. Pretty uncool.

Finster molding a new monster

Meanwhile at Rita’s Moon base, Finster is busy working on a monster that, “eats cats and smells like a fish,” when Rita demands that he work on a music-based monster instead seeing as that’s the theme of the episode this week. She specifies it be, “like the Pied Piper, only meaner,” demonstrating a strangely broad knowledge of human culture for someone who spent ten thousand years sleeping in a space dumpster.

RIta demands a musical monster from Finster

Finster reminds her that, “musical monsters aren’t very reliable,” which implies they’ve tried a similar plan before. (Are any of Finster’s monsters that realiable, come to think of it?) He offers to make a “nice fire-breathing hedgehog instead.” To which Rita replies: “GET MY MONSTER OR I’LL TURN YOU INTO A SYHPIAN SLUG!” Idk what the fuck that is Finster, but I’d do as she says if I were you.

The girl apologies to Melissa

Back at the G&J Bar, the deaf girl – Melissa – kisses and makes up with the bitchy girl she bumped into (Disclaimer: there’s no kissing).

Bulk and Skull

Aaaaaand then the *real* stars enter the scene.

Bulk starts a fight with Jason

Bulk and Skull start ripping on Kimberley’s dancers, or “rapping ballerinas” as Bulk calls them. “Not even ballerinas,” Skull corrects. “The stuff they’re doing is too easy.” I’m sorry, Skull I didn’t have you down as a ballet expert for some reason…And it’s not long before they pick a fight with Jason.

To cool things down, perpetual cool dude Zack challenges Bulk to a dance-off.


Bulk covered in food

And – as usual – Bulk gets covered in food.

The Piper lands outside the Gym & Juice Bar

Outside, Rita’s Piper – essentially a Viking Gnome with the voice of Danny DeVito – is beamed down to get to work.

The Piper lures the girls

He strikes gold pretty quickly when Kimberley’s dancers exit the bar (including Melissa), and soon puts them under his spell with his “hypnotic accordian.”

The girls following the Piper

He leads the girls to the desert…

The Piper and the girls in the cave

…and into a cave.

Melissa is stopped from going in the cave

Melissa’s deafness has sheilded her from hearing the hypnotic music, but when she tries to follow the Gnome and girls into the cave, she’s magically stopped.

Melissa tries signing to Jason and Ernine

So instead, she runs all the way back to the G&J Bar (at least Kim’s dancersize is keeping her stamina up) to try and communciate with the two least helpful people in the bar: Jason and Ernie.

The Piper has a feast in the cave

In the cave, the Gnome has wasted no time setting up some kind of Medieval orgy – complete with tables of ye olde times food and shit loads of candles.


The girls dancing

He’s also gotten the girls to dance around Wickerman style as if they’re about to either be married off to Lords of the Manor or burt at the stake to satiate the Gods of the Harvest.

The putties join the dance

He even orders the Putties to get involved and dance with them. Ugh. I have so many bad vibes about this.

Baboo cooking

Lurking in the background as per usual, Baboo and Squat are dicking around preparing all of the Gnome’s banquet foods.

Baboo cooking with coloured balls

Not sure how much research Baboo has actually done on Medieval food in preparation for this though. Judging by the contents of this pan, I’m gonna guess it’s a solid none.

Squat eating a bug

And if you thought that maybe Sqaut was doing something even vaguely normal while this was going on, you’d be sorely mistaken. Taking out this neatly-wrapped gift box, he opens it up to reveal a gross-looking bug, proudly proclaiming that’s been saving it to eat on a “special occasion.”

The Piper

This whole sitation is thouroughly confusing and disturbing.

Rita spies on the girls

Luckily, Rita’s been keeping tabs on this whole unfolding fever dream of insanity, and yells at the Gnome to stop fucking around.

The Piper becomes invisible

HIs reaction is completely calm and resonable: He turns invisible. Then turns visible again. And we never see him use that power again for the rest of the episode. I mean… I just can’t.

Melissa leads the Rangers to the cave

But don’t worry – here comes Melissa and the Rangers!

Morphin' time!

And it’s Morphin’ time! Or as Jason so eloqantly puts it, “Alrightuglyreleasethegirls!”

The Piper turns to rubble

It seems like they’ve defeated him pretty easily…

The Piper gets big

But Rita soon dispels this idea.

Time to get those Zords out and jack them up with some crystal juice!


The Piper shoots a beam from his rake

But that Gnome just isn’t going to give up that easily. Not only is he blasting beams out of his, um, rake, but he even whips his super-sized accordian out.

The Megazord gets confused

The Megazord seems to become disorientated for a few seconds from the accordian music.

The Piper is defeated

But, it quickly snaps out of it. BOOM. Dead Gnome.

The Rangers rescuse the girls

The Rangers rescue the girls before whatever disturbing ritual the Gnome was planning could take place. Kimberley’s explains what happened to them in girl talk: “This totally manky monster hypnotised you and trapped you in a cave.”

Back at the G&J Bar, Jason attempts some sign language to make up for earlier, but ends up saying “your dog smells” with only one gesture. Queue awkward laughter to shame him into never attempting to expand his horizons again.



The Rangers and the girls watch Billy dancing

Jason: “You know Zack, when you do it right, sign language isn’t that hard to learn.” Zack: “Oh man, it’s a whole new world of rapping!” Very, um, astute observations boys…

Billy dancing

While this philosophising is taking place, Melissa drags Billy up to dance. But he seems to have magically improved a lot since we last saw him attempt to dance.

Billy shows off his moves

Like, really good all of a sudden. Oh well, get your coat Billy – you’ve pulled!


Speaking of romance, at the end of this week’s episode we devoted some time to discussing fan favourite pairings in Mighty Morphin’, which lead to us also going down the rabbit hole of disturbing fan fiction involving no-one’s favourite slash pairing: Bulk and Skull.

Bulk and Skull

Yep, it really does exist.

Make sure you check out the episode using the links at the top to hear some snippets of ‘Seducing Bulk‘ – and other unsettling erotica by the same author – and if you want to jump down the terrifying fan fiction rabbit hole with us, you can read more from our new favourite author (‘Lieutentant Sparkles’) here.


Next episode: ‘Food Fight.


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