Gym & Juice: After Hours – Visual Companion #2, ‘Power Rangers’ Movie (2017) Discussion!

Welcome to the second in our series of bonus episodes chatting about all things Rangers-related – including news, trivia, and general nerd talk!

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It’s finally here! The 2017 Power Rangers Movie! 

Power Rangers 2017 Logo

So, in this week’s Gym & Juice: After Hours we go DEEP and HARD into a spoilerific discussion of the long-awaited reboot movie. Everything from the changes to Rita and Zordon’s backstories, to the ethnicity-switching, to the Krispy Kreme gags, to Jason’s daddy issues, to Bryan Cranston’s unwavering devotion to his job, and of course the first (we think) cow wanking joke in a children’s superhero movie.

Unfortunately because the film has barely just hit the big screen at the time of recording (and writing this) we’re low on content for this visual companion. But, let’s just try and make do with what we’ve got.


Now, from this initial teaser trailer, we were feeling… doubtful. Doubtful because the dull and bitterly disappointing spectre of the Fantastic Four reboot movie seemed to be looming in the spirit of this teaser trailer. Everything looked a little too angsty, a little too serious and possibly prizing realism over the campy fun and brightly coloured world of Angel Grove that was at the heart of the original 1990s Mighty Morphin’ TV show.

Luckily, the full trailer came along later to dislodge these fears somewhat, by injecting a little fun and little action into the film.

Our fears were assuaged, but not gone completely. But then, Lionsgate tantalised our expectations more by releasing some cheeky clips.






Huh. Not looking too bad after all, eh?

And if THAT wasn’t enough to tempt us to the cinema, everyone’s favourite drug-slinger, loveable TV Dad, Rangers alumni and all-round-living-legend Bryan Cranston made an unforgettable appearance Stephen Colbert’s (I think we said it was Jimmy Kimmel in the podcast – soz, Stephen) show DRESSED AS THE RED RANGER OMG.



Bryan Cranston Red Ranger Stephen Colbert

Possibly the greatest screencap to ever exist.

And to close up, here’s a collection of the best little sneak peaks, promotional videos and ‘behind the scenes’ features that were released in the run-up to the film.





Want to know what we thought of the movie? Listen to our spoilerific, in-depth discussion episode by clicking the links at the top of this post! And let us know what you thought too in the comments below or by tweeting, emailing or posting on our Facebook page.


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