Morph In Or Morph Out? – Visual Companion: Mighty Morphin’ S1E6 – ‘Food Fight.’

Netflix Synopsis: Bulk and his gang seek to ruin the food festival while Rita sends a gluttonous pig to eat everything on Earth.

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Ernie carrying cream pies

True to the promise of the synopsis, we start this episode at said ‘Food Festival’ with Ernie strolling in laden with pies and Hawaiian-themed parafinalia. What a time to be alive.


Ernie, Bulk and Skull, cream pies and girls

Spotting Bulk and Skull standing around gormlessly, Ernie asks them to, “Come and give me a hand with these!” B&S rush over, thinking Ernie means the two hula girls hovering around him.

Ernie: "Help me carry these cream pies!"

Ernie corrects them, but once again his double entandre doesn’t clear things up much…


Mr. Kaplan



Billy: "I believe that one's $20."

Really? $20 for a sandwich? Mr. Kaplan ain’t biting, Kim, even for a good cause.





Oh, you just HAD to go an jinx it Jason…



While Jason tempts fate, Ernie’s hula babes are busy entertaining the hungry masses…


…and when I say masses, I mean literally every-damn-body in the building. They jiggle their hips unconvincingly for a solid 10 seconds and are greeted with unfairly-gained rapturous applause from all.




Meanwhile, at the South American(?) food stall, Zack seems to be improvising his lines as vaguely as humanly possible.



Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone in 20 years time with the subtitles on will notice, Zack.



Jason on the other hand is letting his biceps do all the sales talking, which is just as well as his delivery of his lines is characteristically underwelming. Also, do you really need an American food stall at an internationally themed festival based in America? I mean, everyone here has tasted cheesburgers before, right?


Asian food stand

It only gets worse when we see that Billy and Trini are manning (and womanning) a stall marked ‘Asian’. Y’know, because everyone on the continent of Asia eats exactly the same thing, just like everyone in Europe eats the same thing. And that ‘thing’ according to Billy is… “sesame salad.” WTF even is that?


Hot Hot Hot food stand

I mean this stall is just marked as ‘HOT HOT HOT’, for god’s sake…



Oh heck yeah, Bulk and Skull have a new member of their gang!



And keeping with the music theme, joining Axl Rose is Lil’ Wayne, apparently. Nice to see you in your debut TV role, Weezy.



So, obviously they all start throwing cream pies.



And obviously Mr. Kaplan’s toupee is the first victim.



Oh, and Skull. Obviously.



Come on, say it with me now: ‘FOOD FIGHT!’






Sweet Jesus, Kaplan, have some goddamn dignity will you and NOT wear a punch-soaked wig?



The food fight is fully underway and this extra truly gives it 110%.



Up in the cyber-peacock on the moon, Rita is hatching a food-inspired plan. This is quite possibly my favourite quote yet from her.



Astonishingly, the ‘pudgy pig’ is a monster they’ve tried before. Finster is a little apprehensive about it though.



Seems like a solid plan, Rita.



OH DEAR GOD. Finster wasn’t wrong when he said it wasn’t his best work… It’s just SO disturbing. Why does it have to be wearing a Roman centurion’s helmet? All of Finster’s monsters seem to have a historical/mythical theme.






Living up to it’s description, the literal second this thing gets beamed down to Earth he goes straight for the nearest bin.


Okay, this has got to be one of the most poorly designed Rangers villain costumes yet. I mean, it’s just a head with floppy arms and legs attached, and the arms don’t even fit the puppeteer properly – they’re all limp where the hands are. Plus, these close-ups just betray the fact that there’s no throat for all the crap he cosumes to go so it just sits in his mouth. Ergh.


Pudgey pig interrupts a picnic

He then goes and dive bombs into a picnic. Just another billion or so to go and he might just make some headway into this global food shortage plan.


Back at the food fight, Jason squares up to Bulk and manages to hypnotise him with a link of sausages…


Bulk is so enraptured he forgets all about the pie he’s holding and just drops it on himself.


Lil’ Wayne tries to get the drop on Billy and Trini with double dose of pie…



But things end in a similar way for Weezy.



Bulk turns his attentions to Zack, who’d clearly seen earlier how easy it is to confuse Bulk, and starts this weird matador routine with a dishcloth…



Bulk – hit by another dose of hypno therapy – mistakes himself for an angry bull, charges at Zack and instead goes head first across Ernie’s Hawaiian stall.



It’s at this point that good ole Mr. K finally loses his rag and commands quiet.



And yet again, demands that the Rangers clean up a mess that they didn’t start. Nice apron, Jason.



Saved by the bell! I mean, Zordon.



Zordon shows them the Pudgy Pig digging in at a supermarket through the viewing globe.



Appropriate looks of disgust from all the Rangers. Well, apart from Jason who forgets to have a reaction at all. JASON, WAKE UP! The cameras are rolling y’know…



Zordon: "...of food on Earth in 48 hours."

HOLD UP, Zordon. So far, I’m not convinced your calculations are entirely accurate considering all we’ve seen the Pig do so far is empty a bin, harass some picnic-goers and raid the fruit ‘n’ veg section of a Whole Foods.


Alpha 5’s been cooking! (No-one cares.)



Threat or not, Zordon beams the Rangers down to fight the Pig.



WOAH. This Pig’s got some moves!



Uh-oh, looks like food isn’t the only thing he’s partial to eating…



Um, so does his tail get ‘excited’ everytime he eats something? Seems to be a lot of weird springing action going on down there.



Seeing the battle going better than expected, Finster totally changes his mind about the Pig and crowns him as “the best monster I’ve ever made.” Bold statement.



The Rangers get sucked into his “pig’s vortex”…



…and get dumped out of uniform somewhere in the park.



Oh no, not the Italian food!



Bulk and Skull bravely step up to scare the Pig off…



…but he’s just too terrifyingly gross for even them.



The Pig trashes the joint, and the Rangers turn up too late to go for Round Two with him.



But then Trini’s Spidey-senses are triggered.







The plan is simple: Trick the pig into eating something hot and hopefully weaken him enough to defeat him. (You maybe thinking that raddish is an odd choice of spicy food, but as we discussed in this week’s ep, this choice is to accomodate the later scenes ripped from Super Sentai where the Japanese actors use raddishes to feed to the Pig. Raddishes, as opposed to chillies, are a popular choice of spicy food in Japan.)



Meanwhile, we’re treated to this strange domestic squabble between Rita and Finster – who is overwealmed with pride that his Pig has turned out to be the MVP monster.









Looks like the Pig is fulfilling his potential too, judging by his next target.



The Rangers track him down and assemble (for some bizarre reason) atop a crane with a choice of giant-sized dishes to feed to the Pig.



Trini slips the raddish last minute into her dish and throws it to the Pig.



Oh heck, here’s it all comes…



Once he’s been poisoned by the raddish, taking him down is pretty easy.


Queue some MASSIVE backpeddling from Finster – previously a proud Father but now totally washing his hands of any resposibility for the Pig.


The Rangers arrived back at school and Zack does this inexplically OTT hi-kick from the top of the stairs… I mean, he’s like a whole Kimberley off the ground! Mad skills.



Turns out no-one told Alpha-5 they Ranger’s didn’t need any more sandwiches for the Pig fight and he’s been left with a surplus…



…so he just zaps them over to the Rangers. (Can Zordon just teleport any old shit wherever?)



Mr. Kaplan rocks up and starts whining that they’re still short of money for the playground equipment that the festival was in aid of, and, even though he spent the whole day surrounded by food, he’s hungry.



Trini, like a true capitalist, capitalises on this situation by selling him an over-priced sandwich.



But, wait! That was one of the raddish-filled sandwiches that Alpha-5 made for the Pig fight!



Mr. K is in dire need of some water…



…so much so that he tips the whole jug over himself and off comes the toupee. Again.



“Ha ha! Wet wigs are apparently the height of comedy in 1993!”


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