Morph In or Morph Out? – Visual Companion: Mighty Morphin’ S1E7 ‘Big Sisters’

Netflix Synopsis: Kimberly and Trini look after a mischievous little girl named Maria.

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Sweaty Zack and Jason

Oh boy. We’re off to a sweaty start. #TheThirstIsReal. We’re in the ol’ Gym & Juice (duh) where Trini and Kim are on the hunt for a girl with “long black ponytails”.


Zack, Kim and Trini

“C’mon ladies, how much trouble could a little girl cause?” Zack is on super smooth alert alert. Probably because he’s been wrestling around with Jason shirtless and his pheromones have gone ape shit.

Shutting off the hot water

Meanwhile… SOMEONE is messing around with the hot water.

Boys running out of the shower room

More shirtless dudes! Whoever wrote this episode must have had some sort of quote to fill. They’re all running out of the shower because the hot water suddnely got turned off.



And what a surprise! Maria is to blame. Hmm, does that hair remind you of anyone..?


The Grudge gif

*throat noise*


Trini and Kim: 'Maria!'



Kim and Trini tell Maria they'll take her for a picnic

Trini and Kim tell Maria to cut the shit and decide to treat her to a picnic in the park.

Rita plotting

Up in space, Rita yells some stuff about “Power Eggs”, which are, “an avil force that even Zordon can’t stop.”


Entrance to the Power Egg cave

We’re shown this cave entrance, within which the eggs should be. It’s supposed to be top secret, but the out-of-place cherub statue might be a bit of a giveaway that something important is in there.


Rita and her crew arrive in the cave

Rita teleports down, and for some reason she takes the Idiot Squad (Goldar, Baboo and Squat) with her.


Squat tried and fails to open the chest

Squat tried to open the chest to get the eggs, but is unsucessful.


The chest won't open

Turn out Rita forgot one tiny-weeny but clearly very important detail: The chest can bizarrely only be opened by a child.



Rita: "He needs to be ruthless and nasty and mean!"

The obvious answer here would be for Rita to send Goldar off to just snatch any old child he finds lying around, but – this being Rita  – she has to have a monster made specially for the purpose instead. She barks her demands at Finster, making the obvious child-catching choice…


Rita: "I want a chunky chicken!"

… a chicken? Nope. Didn’t see that coming. Not ever would I have seen that coming.


The Chunky Chicken model

So here he is. A “ruthless, nasty and mean” Chunky Chicken.


Chunky Chicken comes to life

Annnnd he’s got some shears. Of course. Because why the fuck not at this point?


Maria: "My dad tries real hard..."

Meanwhile at the girls’ picnic, Maria is talking shit about her Dad.


Maria: "But there's things that he just doesn't understand. Know what I mean?"

“Oh Dad, why don’t you know how to insert a tampon correctly? You fool!”


Kim: "So who's the raddest boy in your class?"

I often daydream about all the rad boys I know too, Kim.


Maria: "They're all dorks! Yuck!"

Yes. Yes they are.

Kim and Trini: "She'll learn!"

You’ve got so much to look forward to, kid!


Maria is indifferent to the putties

SURPRISE PUTTY ATTACK. Maria seems unphased though. I guess by this point putties are regular appearences in Angel Grove.


Kim kicks a putty down

Trini and Kim do a good job fending them off, mainly just using leg-power.


The putties take Maria

But they still manage to make off with Maria. Come to think of it, why did Rita even need the chicken at all if she was just going to send the putties to get the kid?



Goldar volunteers to meet them in the cave…


Goldar enlists Baboo and Squat

…and for some reason insists on reassembling the Idiot Squad again.


The Ernie special

Back at the G&J, Zack orders the “Ernie special” which is basically a serving bowl filled with a gallon of ice-cream and enough syrup to kill a diabetic person. Seems odd that this is his special considering he works out of a gym and specialises in fruit smoothies.


Zack tucks in

Wait, that’s JUST for you Zack!? I have a theory that Zack may be experiencing menstural cramps in the episode. I mean he’s super horny and he’s eating way more than usual – two things that often happen just before or during your special lady time of the month. Could be because he’s taking dodgy hormone pills to beef up, which could also explain why he looks super buff at the start of the episode, too. IT ALL ADDS UP.


Billy: "Uh-oh. The communicators aren't working."

Trini and Kim rush into to tell the boys what happened, but when they try to contact Zordon, it turns out their communicators are down.

This problem prompts Kim to come out with this stone-cold classic of a sitcom catchphrase:

Problem is – we’ve not seen anything else in the episode to suggest that Kim is having hair-related troubles, so the joke just doesn’t work. At all. Oh well.

Billy's house

Since the teleporters are down too, Billy suggests an alternative mode of transport. They all head off to Billy’s house, or specifically, the garage he does his sciencing out of.


The Rad Bug

It’s the Rad Bug! Yay?



Trini: "The rad bug?"

Hey, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, Trini.


Zack: "What's so rad about it?"

Um, hel-lo Zack, did you not just hear Billy say he’s converted this vintage car into a vehicle capable to transporting you anywhere on the planet’s surface? And this is in 1993 for Christ’s sake! Is that not impressive enough for you, Zack?! What have you invented lately, ZACK.


Billy: "It does zero to 3,000 in 2.8 seconds."



Zack: "I'm sold."



The rad bug on the move

Suitably impressed, the Rangers jump in the car.


The Rad Bug flying

And, um, fly through the sky..?


The Rangers get tossed around in the Rad Bug

Ooh, it’s the standard ‘let’s all lean over in one direction to show the journey is turbulent’ acting! This also reminds of a scene from something else…


Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets flying car gif


Zack: "Power eggs?"

They make to the HQ in one peice, catch Zordon up on Rita’s latest evil doing, and Zack asks Zordon the million dollar question.


Zordon: "The images in the viewing globe will answer your questions."

Time for some Rangers history, kids!


Zordon: “It is a tale that dates back to when the battle of good and evil began. Millions of years ago, ancient sorcerers known as ‘Morphin’ Masters’ [I like how this slang has existed since forever] hid a universe of power within two mystic power eggs. By casting the eggs into the sea the sorcerers believed that their ancient ancestors would look down on the eggs and protect them from universal danger. To ensure the safety of the chest, only the touch of an innocent child like Maria can open the chamber.”

The viewing globe

Hey Zordon, maybe don’t record history on VHS next time. The quality really can’t stand the test of time.


Chunky Chicken

Back to the Cave of Wonders [“TOUCH NOTHING BUT THE LAMP!”] and the Chunky Chicken is talking about how easy it was to get the girl to open the chest while furiously snapping his shears or hedge clippers or whatever they are and making cartoon chicken noises.

The Power Eggs

He’s also having trouble preventing Baboo and Squat from eating the eggs. Because, y’know – Idiot Squad.


Kim: "Why can't we fly the car?"

Outside, the Rangers are driving around in the Rad Bug. Wait, why are they driving around when they can fly?


Billy: "Approaching by ground makes us less visible."

Oh, okay. That’s actually a good idea, Billy.


Chunky Chicken, Goldar, Baboo and Squat with the eggs

Hurry up, guys! The Squad is on the move with the eggs!


The Rangers powering up

Oooh, this is new. I don’t know what’s going on but it seems to work. The Rangers shoot this weird Triforce energy thing at the Baboo…


The eggs go out sea

…and he drops them into the sea – which is where they belong, according to Zordon.


Trini takes the chicken on

The Power weapons come out and Chunky gears up for some stabbing with his fucking terrifyingly big shears.


Rita on her penny farthing

And then the greatest moment of Mighty Morphin’ (and maybe even my life) happens so far.


Rita on her penny farthing

It’s Rita… on a Penny Farthing… flying through the sky.


Rita on her penny farthing

I can’t even.


Alpha-5 and Zordon

We take a break from the Dali-esque surreal dream of a battle to check in with Aplha-5 and Zordon, who have located Maria.


Maria on the viewing globe

She’s being suspended by the Chunky Chicken at the Power Station.


Rita on the viewing globe

Rita and the gang are there too. Presumbly they travelled by flying Penny Farthing. You know – the way to travel.


"Billy here. Systems nominal."

IT’S ZORD TIME. “Nominal?” Really, Billy?


Chunky Chicken threatens to cut the rope

The deal is that the Rangers must exchange the Eggs for Maria. The Rangers refuse and the Chicken goes ahead and cuts the rope Maria is suspended with.


Megazord catches Maria

Good reflexes, Jason!





Chunky Chicken gets big

Oh shit waddup here come dat chicken!


Maria escapes in the Rad Bug

The Rangers tell Maria to get into the Rad Bug so it can take her to safety to keep her out of harms way.


Chunky Chicken escapes

But Chunky’s got some new tricks up his sleeve now! He can seeminly cut through dimensions. Also, is he wearing a fez now?


Megazord alone

Shit! Where’d he go?


Chunky Chicken reappears

Oh, there he is! But even with this neat trick he’s no match for the Megasword. TL; DR: the Rangers beat his ass down.


Ernie watching TV

After the battle, we cut to Ernie enjoying some TV news.


Ah, so everyone just knows who Rita is then? Where on earth did that get that information from?


We then get this odd shot of Skull just lurking around somewhere in the Gym with this salt shaker. No idea why.


Kim hold up the chilli bowl

But never mind about that because Ernie’s made “veggie chilli” everyone! And – what’s that? It’s on the house?! Ernie, you shouldn’t have. Why on earth is Kim holding it aloft so precariously?


Everyone runs for chilli

EVERYONE is up for veggie chilli, it seems.


Chilli getting passed around

Oh yeah sure, keep it at that dangerous height, why not?



And here – minding his business – we have Bulk enjoying some ice-cream. I wonder why he’s…


Chilli gets dumped on Bulk

…Oh. Of course. How did I not see that coming?


Skull laughs

Queue Skulls’ iconic laugh, and that about wraps up the episode. Poor Bulk.


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