Morph In or Morph Out? – Visual Companion: Mighty Morphin’ S1E13 ‘Peace, Love and Woe’

Netflix Synopsis: Billy draws on the powers of his friends to rescue the girl of his dreams.

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We begin the episode at the Gym and Juice Bar (where else!) and apparently a Dance is being planned. Or should I say a, “Dance! Dance! Dance!”


Within the first 2 minutes, we already see Bulk do all of his usual tricks. 1. Stuck on a moving object out of his control…


2. Running into a red flag like a bull…


3. Fall face first into one of Ernie’s cakes.


Brava, Bulk. Brava.


Even Skull mocks him! (Do you think Ernie made that in the ‘Cake-O-Matic’ machine Billy gave him a few eps back?)


Rita’s plan is pretty complex – try to keep up: While the Rangers are distracted by something, she plans to get Finster to create and send a monster in to destroy them. It’s bold, it’s fresh, it’s new. Let’s see if this BRAND NEW approach that definitely doesn’t get tried and fails each week will work.


Rita wants to use a monster called “Madam Woe”. Our first female monster! The Idiot Squad seem pretty scared of her, too.


Stop being such a kiss-ass, Finster.


Ernie to Bulk and Skull: “You two better follow the rules and pay for the cake. Or don’t come back.” What rules? The rules of service? What was the cake for? Also, doesn’t Bulk get covered in food like EVERY week at the G&J? Maybe Ernie has loan sharks after him and needs to start being more fiscally responsible.


Zach offers to teach Billy some moves to “impress the ladies” at the ‘Dance! Dance! Dance!’ later. Billy is hesitant. “I’m not really interested in engaging feminine attention through bodily gyrations.”



Why is everyone so concerned with Billy’s love life? Do any of them even have love lives of their own? (I bet Zach gets around secretly. We’ve seen the inside of his locker.) Billy says he’d rather go home and have a date with a “weather monitoring machine” instead.


As Billy’s leaving he bumps into a girl who drops a necklace, and sexy sax music starts playing STRAIGHT AWAY.



Her necklace falls off during their collision. Billy: “I apologise profusely.” Girl: “Oh think nothing of it. Neither of us were monitoring our designated entrance or exit.” SHE’S A BILLY. Billy: “Well stated.” Yes, for a typewriter. Not a human. Meanwhile, the other Rangers spy on them.



Billy puts it EROTICALLY back on her neck and she apparently is getting super hot and bothered just from being near him.


Rita’s interjection here is interesting. A girl tailor made for Billy and a female villain promised but not shown to us yet? Hmm… Could this mysterious nerdy girl be the monster in disguise?


The girl holding her necklace (we still don’t know her name at this point…): “And I never go anywhere without it. My mother gave it to me when I graduated from the accelerated baby genius program.” Huh, Billy graduated from there too! It’s almost like someone read his Facebook profile and then assumed a fake identity just to please him. This is Catfishing before the Internet was even really a thing.


The gang keep spying of them and then pretend to get beeped by Zordon to give Billy some private advice – asking her to the dance. He seems reluctant. Luckily, she’s a modern gal and asks him to the dance instead.


He accepts, and even suggests that they meet up beforehand at the lake at “precisely” 4:00pm to chat about his weather device.


On that “weather” mention, we cut to… some weather! EXTREME weather.


This is a hard cut from that normalcy of high school to ABSOLUTE HIGH FANTASY MADNESS. Crashing waves against a sea shore, a Japanese cyber Viking witch woman wearing a white cloak with knee length blue braided hair and a Kabuki mask and one HELL of a manicure, chanting the words to a spell with some kind of big ritual gear – a fire, a giant cog-thing, traditional flute music playing… I mean, just pure Three Witches of Macbeth realness.



Woe teleports to Rita. Is she like an old school friend from Evil Hogwarts? We know Rita went to some kind of magi school as she complains about it in “For Whom The Bell Trolls”. Imagine what the reunion would be like… I’m imagining all the great witches from fiction went there… Wicked Witch of the West, the White Witch from Narnia, Gladriel, the witches from Macbeth, all the evil Disney witches, the whole cast of Hocus Pocus…




Oh yeah, that one park on Earth that all the humans go to. So, it’s a classic divide and conquer plan.


At this point I was a little disappointed that my hunch that Billy’s crush wasn’t secretly a planted monster didn’t pan out. Imagine it he got to the point of nearly kissing her and then she just suddenly turned into Goldar or the Pineoctopus? Anyway, the “girl” is waiting by the lake. WHAT IS HER NAME. It’s not even in the episode synopsis!


Oh dear, Rita failed to leave out a few key details when she gave Woe the info, like who the Ranger was, what they’d look like, what gender they’d be… So Woe teleports in all like, “Who am I? Your worst nightmare!” to a poor, surprised, random human girl.


Woe does her thing – transporting the girl to another dimension via her “crown jewel” that confusingly isn’t in her crown. Luckily and predictably, the girl’s necklace is left behind for Billy to find.


Is the dimension in her forehead jewel? Is it like a pocket dimension? The editing kind of implies that. The dimension is all blue which kind of compounds my theory further.


The poor girl is more than a little confused and cries out for Billy… as if this was the date he planned. I kind of wished she thought it was, like maybe Billy dressed up in witch drag to surprise her.


Rita is a little pissed at her mistake. “I told you to get the Power Ranger, not the girl!”


Billy shows up at the lake with flowers because he’s a gentleman.


He quickly finds Marge’s necklace.


Billy’s suddenly backed into a corner against the lake by putties, and calls for help.




There’s a bit where two putties hold Jason against a tree while another one gut-punches him, which is the most brutal thing I’ve seen them do yet.


MARGE! HER NAME IS MARGE!. Marge? Really..?


Zordon teleports them over to the HQ and explains that Rita set a trap for Billy and got Marge instead.


“I call your attention to the viewing globe. She’s called Madame Woe and she brings woe or trouble to everyone she touches.” (Woe or Trouble? Has she not decided on her major yet?) “She controls wind, rain, heat and cold with the energy of her crown jewel.”



Billy volunteers as tribute.


And may the Force be with you.


They morph and teleport over to Woe. She starts using her crown jewel and everything goes all blurry.



They’re warped to the other dimension and Billy remembers that Marge is there. Hey Marge! How’s it going?


OMG Madame Woe swoops through the PR like a fucking bat or an old school Dracula.


Nails! Braids! She’s throwing everything at them. Like some kind of Japanese, cyber, Viking queen.


She also starts throwing the elements at them. Is she like a bender from the Last Airbender/Korra in that she can only manipulate elements around her rather than create them? Hard to tell.


Billy goes in solo and realises that she’s too strong on her home turf and they have to combine the coins and get her back to Earth for a home advantage.



They channel all their power into Billy who takes her on solo back on Earth. She;s still got all her ticks though. She teleports out of reach all the time, uses her frost breath on him, and then even manages to tangle him in her braids and send an electrical charge down them. Ouch.


He manages to get behind her, really easily pull the crystal off, and crush it… So, I’m guessing my pocket dimension theory isn’t true as that might have killed the other Rangers.


How can they hear him?


The Rangers escape and take her on – de-powered. They bring all their power weapons together and take her down easily.
Her final line is pun-tastic:”Woe is me!” Rita doesn’t seem too fussed that her old witch colleague is dead.




Later at the ‘Dance! Dance! Dance!’ party, Zach Attack is busting sweet moves on the floor.


Oh. My. God.


Billy gives Marge her necklace back and she gushes about her hot encounter with a certain, blue superhero. She also mentioned that’s “partial to blue”, as if we hadn’t figured that out yet from both of their wardrobe choices…


Yeah. All of “that”.




Ernie SOMEHOW sees through Bulk and Skulls ingenious costume and forces them to pay up for ruining that cake earlier.



Apparently the stench from Bulk’s foot money is enough to make poor Ernie ruin yet another of his cakes.


Bit harsh, Jason?


The episode ends with Ernie recovering and getting his groove on. Whilst covered in cake. With no one else dancing anywhere near him. Oh dear.


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