About The Show

Morph In Or Morph Out? is a weekly comedy Power Rangers podcast in which Power-fan, Huw, tries to convince Rangers-skeptic, Hannah, that Power Rangers is the greatest show to ever grace the Earth. (Yes, even better than Breaking Bad, according to Huw. Also, Huw’s never seen Breaking Bad.)

Join us each week as we sit down and delve into each episode of every series EVER from Mighty Morphin’ to the present day to see if Hannah will ‘Morph In’ or ‘Morph Out’ at the end of each episode.

Apologies in advance for all the references to obscure British pop culture from the 90s. (No, actually – no apologies. Everyone on this goddamn planet needs to know how terrifying Mr. Blobby was to us.)

Huw Williams

Huw Williams

Huw has been a Power Rangers fan since childhood, clutching his Red Ranger toy while sat next to a three-foot Green Ranger figure and singing “Co, Co Power Rangers!” (he hadn’t learnt the letter ‘G’ yet) as each episode gripped his imagination and filled him with an excitement that would take years of living in the soul-destroying adult world to crush. Watching Power Rangers from this young age blossomed into a lifelong fascination with everything that Morphs. Even now he can’t walk past a stall at a Comic Con and not dive beard first into crates filled with Rangers merch.

Huw currently writes the manga-inspired comic book series, Age of Revolution, in which five youngsters with amazing powers join forces to defeat an evil witch (hmm, sounds familiar…) with artwork provided by Hannah. He also helps people out in his job at Welsh ICE – an Innovation Centre, based in Caerphilly, Wales. (It’s kind of like the ‘Gym & Juice Bar’ but for businesses, which would make him the Ernie.)

You can check out Huw’s video game and film review blog here, and his comic book and manga review blog here.

Twitter: @big_huw

Hannah Collins

Hannah Collins

Hannah’s experience with Power Rangers is limited to watching the Mighty Morphin’ movie a couple of times (once for genuine perusal and the other because she forgot about the first time and then couldn’t find the remote) and groggily watching re-runs of one the series’ (it had ninjas in it..?) as a hung-over teenager on Saturday morning kid’s TV. Doubtless by the year 2070 when this podcast will probably end she will surely be as burdened with Ranger knowledge as the wise and bodiless Zordon. Praise be to Him.

Born in London and now living in South Wales (UK), Hannah is a Fine Art and Creative Writing graduate who spends her time drawing, writing, Pokemon-ing, worshipping at the altar of RuPaul and doing her best impressions of Evie from The Mummy as a part-time University Librarian Assistant. She is a regular contributing writer to RankerStandoutbooksWatchMojo and Comic Book Resources, as well as an occasional contributor to The Mary Sue, AnimeFeminist, Hiive, itcher magazine and B*tch Flicks. She’s also currently working on her first illustrated spooky children’s book to be published by Burst.
You can check out her illustrations here and her pop culture blog here.

Twitter: @SpannerX23 & @HOUSEofZINTHOS

Instagram: @iwantedwings & @zinthosillustration