Morph In or Morph Out? – Visual Companion: Mighty Morphin’ S1E16 ‘Switching Places’

Netflix Synopsis: Billy’s latest invention goes haywire, causing him to switch bodies with Kimberly.

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We start this episode with Squat creeping round Billy garage(?) looking for the “power source” for Billy’s new invention. Hey, look – it’s a Shuki Levy ep! The Ranger God, himself! Expecting great things now.


He finds the machine and switches some wires around, hoping to mess with Billy’s head.


Ugh. That’s overly graphic. Wait, Squat knows what an omelette is?


That’s it – you have your moment, Squat.


Meanwhile, Rita hopes the Rangers will be too distracted by Billy’s scrambled brains to notice her monster… which is a Genie.


Is it?


Cut to Kim and Billy hanging out in his garage – the most hardest to believe thing yet. How can they understand each if Trini isn’t there to translate?


Billy explains the machine is a mind reading, or “thought transfer” device.


Outside, Bulk and Skull are loitering and eavesdropping because they have nothing better to do.


They decide to test the machine out. Kim looks really sure about this.


Outside, Bulk and Skull get chased off by a neighbourhood dog that doesn’t look that scary, really.


Billy and Kim start the machine up, not knowing of course that Squat has been messing with it.




That’s right – it’s a classic body switching episode! Does Billy really still need his glasses in Kim’s body?


Lamp = Genie. Makes sense! But why don’t we get to see more of Goldar’s solo mission to Canine Four to retrieve the lamp?


So, as usual, it’s not your run-of-the-mill Genie. This one looks like a roided-out Anubis.


Back at Billy’s lab, Bulk and Skull have escaped the dog and snuck back.


Bulk is eager to test out the machine’s mind-reading powers – not knowing of course that’s now a body-swapping machine.


Oh, Skull.

They hop in the machine and we get some great face jiggling as they swap bodies.


Of course.


Now we get an obligatory bunch of scenes of Kim and Billy trying to live the life of the other one… and totally failing!




Kim is teaching… a kid… computer stuff?


While Billy has to cook a cheese souffle in Kim’s Home Economics class.

Somehow, both end up exploding.

WHY haven’t they told the other Rangers yet? You’d think that’d be the first thing they’d do! And why didn’t Billy instantly try to tinker with the machine and switch them back straight away? Why are they just going along with this crazy charade?!


Then we cut back to see that the Genie still hasn’t left for earth…? Why is he still faffing around at Rita’s place talking about the plan? Didn’t they decide what to do in the last cutaway? Come on guys!


That’s great, Goldar. Now just get on with it!


Back on Earth, and they FINALLY they tell the other Rangers what’s happened. Super casually too, as if this kind of thing happens all the time.


We then get a very necessary cutaway to Bulk and Skull – in each other’s bodies – enjoying some massive sandwiches at the Gym & Juice.




FINALLY! Squat and Baboo head down to Earth with the Genie secured in the lamp and… Oh, never mind, they’ve dropped it and everything’s gone to shit.



Zordon sends the Rangers to pick up the lamp, that the Genie has now vacated.


Zordon sends the Rangers off to fight Goldar and some putties in… a train yard?


But Zordon’s wise to Rita’s distraction tactics though and sends the Rangers over to the Genie instead. We haven’t had a preview of what he can do, so this should be interesting.


He can throw spears? Okay.


And… webbing? Like Spider-Man?



Zordon then changes his mind yet again, and teleports them home. Make your mind up, Zor’!


Good advice I guess, but pretty standard for the Rangers.


The Rangers are zapped back in the fray yet again, but Rita – sensing victory is near – makes the Genie grow. And we get a lovely shot of his fetching pink, sparkly pants.


Alpha CLEVERLY deduces the lamp is the source of the Genie’s powers. Who’d have thought?


It’s Megazord time!


He proves to be tougher than the pink pants would suggest.




Very much enjoying the hand-operated, giant drill.


Uh-oh, incoming, Rangers! This is a tight battle…


Luckily, Alpha zaps the lamp using the Morphin’ Grid under Zordon’s careful instructions.


And, the Genie is no more. Just like that. Seems a tad anti-climactic.


Later at Billy’s lab, the pair successfully switch bodies back.


Bulk and Skull bust in, explain what happened to them, and beg Billy to do the same for them. Wait a second – Billy said he and Kim couldn’t switch back straight away because the machine was broken, but we know it was working because Bulk and Skull managed to switch fine after they did… Hmm.


You know Billy, you could have a pretty sweet racket going on there with that idea. “Borrow-a-Brain, Inc.?” Has a nice ring to it.